Are you losing your sh*!# because of COVID-19?

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Without distractions like raging your way through traffic, going out for coffee, and working away from home, you might find yourself feeling more upset than you expected.

The experience of our emotions

In normal life, we act out our emotions by reacting to situations around us. For example, if you have anger inside, you can get angry at how stupid your co-worker is or at the bad driver ahead of you. This provides a focus and release for the emotion.

Now you’re sitting at home all day, the negative feelings are building up inside you and there’s nowhere easy to focus them externally. So, maybe you get mad at things in the news or on the TV, how people are handling the pandemic, or at your family.

Or maybe it’s despair and sadness that are emerging. Your daily life kept you distracted and focussed on predetermined tasks. Now, you have so much time on your hands. You hear about or experience loss and your emotional pain starts to consume you. You worry about what is going to happen and feel like there is no way out.

Without our regular activities, our emotions have room to take over.

Our sense of purpose

Through our jobs and activities, our identities are solidified. We have a sense of who we are, what we do, why we’re here. This keeps us skimming above the deeper question of our real purpose. It can provide a false sense of meaning that assuages the deep discomfort of true uncertainty.

Without these activities to define us, we are left to find value in our basic existence. If you lose your job, your activities, your external trappings - who are you?

The way we normally cope doesn’t delve deep into the reasons why you feel the way you feel. This means that your underlying issues don’t get understood and resolved, instead they simmer under the surface.

What to do

If you’re falling apart under the changes that the pandemic has wrought, you have a choice to do something that will help you evolve; to develop more of your personal strength. You can embrace the opportunity to face yourself. The way you do this is through counselling and personal growth. It sounds simple and maybe even pisses you off. But, it’s the truth.

When our emotions become unbearable - that is a message. Our body is telling us we need to take care of this. We need help and guidance to understand what’s happening, how to process those emotions and emerge stronger.

Like it or not, the wisdom of your feelings is calling you to step up. Come find out where they will take you.

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