help for healthcare workers

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Do you think only bad things have come from COVID-19?

No doubt, they have. But as we work through adjusting to our new reality, it's worth noticing something else that's happening.

A deep instinct has awoken in many people to help and encourage others. A refreshing change during COVID - we are supporting each other more. Maybe we feel more a part of our global community. Or we see the vulnerability in each other and ourselves. Whatever it is, it's beautiful to see.

Along these lines, I want to make sure that healthcare workers are aware that they can access this great resource and get some free emotional and psychological support!

I'm part of a volunteer service called - BC Counsellors COVID-19 Support Initiative. We are helping front-line healthcare workers during COVID-19 by providing 3 free counselling sessions. This is a nice easy way to get extra support if you are working in healthcare. And an easy way to give if you're a therapist.

Check it out and pass it on to your friends in healthcare!