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I believe that each person has the ability to improve their life; to become closer to who they want to be. No problem is too difficult to face with the right kind of support. Many people are suffering on their own or feeling stuck in patterns that keep them from having the life they want. Counselling can change this.


With over 25 years of experience, I can offer you a no-nonsense, honest, supportive relationship where we work together to solve your problems.

My interests include, but are not limited to:

  • Family of Origin work, family estrangement, negative childhood experiences

  • Parenting children of all ages, including adult children and 'empty nest' issues

  • Self-esteem, jealousy, anger, anxiety, dissociation

  • Domestic violence and childhood abuse 

  • Relationship issues, reproductive decision-making, reproductive loss, marriage/long-term commitment work

  • Communication skills, assertiveness, boundary-setting, difficult conversations

I've been to many therapists over the years and Nicole is at the top of my list.  Nicole's listening skills and abilities to filter what she hears through her bank of knowledge and instinct is fantastic!

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